MozManual: An Introduction to Mozilla

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The table below lists significant project dates (most recent at the top) and related events, as a log of project status.

Feb. 2, 2004 Plan to create HTML version announced. The HTML version will be created by moving selected portions of the source document into an Open Office presentation file. The completed presentation file will then be exported into HTML. This approach is being used to create a more "screen friendly" version. Although the Open Office source files in write can be used to create HTML directly, experiments with this method did not give good results with this complex document. A first draft of the HTML  version will be posted soon.
Dec. 2003
Version 1.0 (PDF) final posted
Nov. 8, 2003
Draft 0.1 (PDF) posted

The mozmanual project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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