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This is an Introduction to Mozilla - A Manual for First Time Users for users of Mozilla in a corporate/educational/enterprise environment. The manual provides an overview of key features of Mozilla, with a focus on Navigator (browser), Mail, and Address Book.

Documents from this project are licensed under the Academic Free License version 2.0.

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Mozilla manual - PDF version
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Although written with the business audience in mind, this manual may be used by anyone new to Mozilla, as a quick introduction to some of the most useful features and capabilities of this application.

This manual is intended for Mozilla end-users who have already had Mozilla installed and configured for them. The manual is based on Mozilla 1.5, and is in PDF format for printing, or for posting to an intranet. The document was being created in Open Office, which was also used to generate the final PDF file. The Open Office source files are available on the source code page.

New! (As of  May 2004): A web version of the manual, based on the printed version, has been created. This will also be available as a downloadable "package" which can be installed on a corporate or school intranet for faster access.


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